Produk Kami

Wortel Brastagi

Ini wortel

Jagung Muda

Dibakar enak buat tahun baru

Baby Pak Choy

Baby Pak Choy (Pak Choy Muda) Small and delicate leafy green vegetable with a mild flavor.

Bawang Bombay

Onion (Bawang Bombay) Large-sized onion with a sweet and pungent taste.

Bawang Merah

Shallot (Bawang Merah) Small and flavorful onion with a mild taste.

Bawang Merah Batu

Stone Shallot (Bawang Merah Batu) Round and firm shallot known for its distinct flavor.

Bawang Putih Kating

Kating Garlic (Bawang Putih Kating A variety of garlic known for its strong aroma and taste.


Beetroot, Deep red root vegetable with a slightly sweet flavor.


Beans (Buncis) Long and slender green pods with tender edible seeds.

Kenyan Chickpeas

Kenyan Chickpeas : Nutritious, Flavour, and Versatile Protein Source from Africa

Butter Nut

Butter Nut (Labu Madu) Butternut Squash Sweet and nutty-flavored squash with a creamy orange flesh.

Cabai Hijau TW

(Cabai Hijau TW) Green TW Chili Spicy green chili pepper with a thin and elongated shape.

Cabai Merah Keriting

(Cabai Merah Keriting) Curly Red Chili Vibrant red chili pepper with a curly shape and medium spicin

Cabai Merah TW

(Cabai Merah TW) Red TW Chili Bright red chili pepper with a pointed tip and high spiciness.

Cabe Gendot

(Cabe Gendot) Gendot Chili Small and round chili pepper known for its intense heat.

Curly Cale

(Curly Cale) Kale Keriting Leafy green vegetable with curly edges and a slightly bitter taste.

Daun Bawang

(Daun Bawang) Scallion Mild and slender green onion with a crisp texture.

Daun Ginseng

(Daun Ginseng) Ginseng Leaf Aromatic leaf with medicinal properties, often used in herbal remedies.

Daun Ketumbar/Cilant

(Daun Ketumbar/Cilantro) Cilantro/Coriander Leaf Fresh and citrusy herb with a distinct flavor commo

Daun Mint

(Daun Mint) Mint Leaf Cool and refreshing herb with a distinctive minty taste.

Daun Pandan

(Daun Pandan) Pandan Leaf Fragrant leaf commonly used to add aroma and flavor to dishes.

Daun Parsley

(Daun Parsley) Parsley Leaf Herb with vibrant green leaves and a fresh, herbaceous taste.


(Horenzo) Komatsuna Leafy green vegetable with a mild and slightly mustardy flavor.

Jagung Manis Kupas

(Jagung Manis Kupas) Peeled Sweet Corn Sweet and tender corn kernels that have been removed from the

Jamur Tiram

(Jamur Tiram) Oyster Mushroom Edible mushroom with a delicate flavor and a unique oyster-like shape.

Kaboca Hijau

(Kaboca Hijau) Green Kabocha Japanese winter squash with a sweet, nutty flavor and green skin.

Kaboca Orange

(Kaboca Orange) Orange Kabocha Kabocha squash variety with an orange skin and rich, sweet flesh.

Kembang Kol Bersih

(Kembang Kol Bersih) Cauliflower White vegetable with a dense, compact head made up of small florets

Kentang Dieng

(Kentang Dieng) Dieng Potato Indigenous potato variety from Dieng Plateau with a unique taste.

Kentang Granola

(Kentang Granola) Granola Potato Potato variety known for its granular texture and earthy flavor.

Kol Putih

(Kol Putih) White Cabbage Large and round cabbage with tightly packed, pale green leaves.

Kol Ungu

(Kol Ungu) Purple Cabbage Vibrant purple cabbage with a crunchy texture and slightly sweet taste.


(Kucai) Garlic Chives Herb with long, slender leaves and a mild garlic flavor.

Labu Acar

(Labu Acar) Pickling Cucumber Cucumber variety commonly used for pickling due to its crispness.

Labu Siam

(Labu Siam) Chayote Squash Pale green vegetable with a crisp texture and mild taste.

Lemon Hijau Californ

(Lemon Hijau California) Green California Lemon Tart and citrusy lemon with a greenish-yellow color.

Lemon Kuning Califor

(Lemon Kuning California) Yellow California Lemon Tangy and juicy lemon with a bright yellow color.

Lettuce Curly

(Lettuce Curly) Selada Keriting Leafy green lettuce with curly edges and a mild flavor.

Lettuce Iceberg

(Lettuce Iceberg) Selada Iceberg Crisp and refreshing lettuce with tightly packed, pale green leaves

Letucce Romane

(Letucce Romane) Selada Romane Long and sturdy lettuce variety with a slightly bitter taste.

Pak Choy

(Pak Choy) Bok Choy Leafy green vegetable with white stalks and dark green leaves.

Paprika Hijau

(Paprika Hijau) Green Bell Pepper Crisp and mildly sweet bell pepper with a green color.

Paprika Kuning

(Paprika Kuning) Yellow Bell Pepper Sweet and crunchy bell pepper with a vibrant yellow color.

Paprika Merah

(Paprika Merah) Red Bell Pepper Sweet and juicy bell pepper with a bright red color.

Sawi Putih

(Sawi Putih) Chinese Cabbage Leafy vegetable with crisp, pale green leaves and a mild flavor.

Selada Air

(Selada Air) Watercress Peppery and nutritious leafy green often used in salads and soups.

Selada Siomak

(Selada Siomak) Lollo Rosso Lettuce Frilly and vibrant red lettuce with a slightly bitter taste.

Seledri small

(Seledri small) Small Celery Compact and aromatic herb commonly used for its flavorful stalks.

Seledri Stick

(Seledri Stick) Celery Stick Crisp and fibrous celery stalk often used as a snack or for garnishing.


(Strawberry) Sweet and juicy red fruit with a characteristic heart shape.

Terong Ungu

(Terong Ungu) Purple Eggplant Glossy and deep purple eggplant with a creamy texture.


(Timun) Cucumber Crisp and refreshing vegetable with a high water content.

Timun Kyuri/Jepang

(Timun Kyuri/Jepang) Japanese Cucumber Slim and seedless cucumber variety with a thin skin.

Tomat Cerry Merah

(Tomat Cerry Merah) Red Cherry Tomato Small and sweet tomato with a bright red color.

Tomat Merah

(Tomat Merah) Red Tomato Juicy and flavorful tomato with a classic red color.

Tomat Cerry Kuning

(Tomat Cerry Kuning) Yellow Cherry Tomato Small and tangy tomato with a vibrant yellow color.

Ubi Ungu

(Ubi Ungu) Purple Sweet Potato Root vegetable with a purple flesh and a naturally sweet taste.

White Raddish

(White Raddish) Labu Putih Crisp and pungent root vegetable commonly used in salads and pickles.


(Zuchini) Mild and versatile summer squash with a smooth green skin.

Ubi Cilembu

(Ubi Cilembu) Cilembu Sweet Potato Special sweet potato variety from Cilembu, known for its sweetnes

Ubi Jepang

(Ubi Jepang) Japanese Yam Starchy root vegetable with a rough skin and a nutty flavor.

Cabai Rawit Merah

Red cayenne pepper (Cabai Rawit Merah) Fiery red chili pepper with intense heat and bold flavor.

Cabai Rawit ORI

(Cabai Rawit ORI) Original green chili pepper with a fiery kick and unique flavor profile.